Let's talk about our fees.

Internet Public Relations

Prices Start at $2,500

Reputation Repair and Management

Our fee structure consists of three tiers, aligned with the intensity of negativity.

1. The Starter Package - A one-time fee of $4,500. Suitable for situations with 2 or 3 negative posts requiring attention.

2. The Moderate Package - Valued at $8,000. This package requires a $4,500 down payment followed by $500 a month for 7 months. Tailored to scenarios encompassing 4 to 10 negative post

3. The Comprehensive Package - Ranging between $12,000 and $20,000. Initiated with a $6,000 down payment, supplemented by $1,000 per month until completion. Suited for cases involving more than 10 negative posts.

Prepayment incentives exist, acknowledging the convenience of credit card payments.

While refunds aren't provided due to labor commitments and Google's unpredictable algorithm, we stand resolute in our commitment to work relentlessly until negative content is subdued, and positive representation takes precedence.

That is our guarantee, we continue until the job is done.

Private Consulting

Prices Start at $9,000

Basic Pricing

The Fees here are estimated. Exact prices will be shown in an official quote after we know more about your situation